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Coverys Insurance Services understands the extraordinary challenges and risks physicians face in today’s changing healthcare environment. To help protect your practice’s financial assets and reputation, we provide dependable medical professional liability insurance through ProSelect® Insurance Company, a Coverys member company.

The result is superior insurance coverage and a proven risk reduction plan to help protect your financial security.

Coverage Options

Individual physician policy — Reliable and responsive primary medical professional liability insurance with coverage options written on standardized coverage forms.

Physician group policy — Coverage tailored to the needs of a physician group and corporate practice with limits on either a shared or separate basis.


Med-IQ, a Coverys company, provides proactive, targeted online educational programs that give healthcare providers the knowledge and tools to minimize clinical risk and maximize patient safety and satisfaction.


An added benefit for Coverys policyholders is the REACT® (Respond Effectively And Communicate Timely) Program. The REACT program supports the needs of Coverys policyholders and their patients after an adverse event has taken place. The program assists participating healthcare providers by helping them respond promptly and effectively to the needs of their patients, thereby contributing to the continuation of the treatment relationship.


Coverys now offers VisualDx® to its policyholders. VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support system that helps healthcare providers make faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Policy Form Options

Claims-made coverage — Provides protection for covered claims that are made and reported during the policy period and which occurred after the retroactive date.

Modified claims-made coverage — Offers prepaid tail coverage on a claims-made basis.

Occurrence – Provides protection for covered professional liability claims that occur during the policy period.

Premium Discount Opportunities

Post-residency Discount — Credits are applied for physicians who recently completed medical training or military service.

Risk Management Credit — Physicians may be eligible to receive up to a 5% premium discount through participation in qualifying risk management education activities.

Preferred Physician Rating— Large physician groups and those with a preferred claims history often qualify for additional discounts.

Coverys Protection Plus+SM

Coverys adds Regulatory Liability and Information Security and Privacy Coverage to your policy at no extra cost. This coverage protects you and your practice in the event of a data security breach or regulatory claim.

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The insurance products described are underwritten by Coverys member company ProSelect® Insurance Company.

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